A read-only clone of the dehub project, for until dehub.dev can be brought back online.
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package dehub
import (
func TestPayloadCredentialVerify(t *testing.T) {
h := newHarness(t)
rootSig := h.stageNewAccount("root", false)
// create a new account and modify the config so that that account is only
// allowed to add verifications to a single branch
tootSig := h.stageNewAccount("toot", false)
tootBranch := plumbing.NewBranchReferenceName("toot_branch")
- action: allow
- type: branch
pattern: ` + tootBranch.Short() + `
- type: signature
count: 1
- root
- toot
- action: allow
- type: signature
count: 1
- root
rootGitCommit := h.assertCommitChange(verifyShouldSucceed, "initial commit", rootSig)
// toot user wants to create a credential commit for the root commit, for
// whatever reason.
rootChangeFingerprint := rootGitCommit.Payload.Common.Fingerprint
credCommitPayUn, err := h.proj.NewPayloadCredential(rootChangeFingerprint)
if err != nil {
t.Fatalf("creating credential commit for fingerprint %x: %v", rootChangeFingerprint, err)
h.tryCommit(verifyShouldFail, credCommitPayUn, tootSig)
// toot tries again in their own branch, and should be allowed.
h.tryCommit(verifyShouldSucceed, credCommitPayUn, tootSig)