A read-only clone of the dehub project, for until dehub.dev can be brought back online.
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This document describes currently planned features and events related to the dehub project. It's intention is to help prioritize work. There are no dates set, only a sequence of milestones and the requirements to hit them.

Milestone: IPFS support

  • Big ol' question mark on this one.

Milestone: Versions

  • Tag commits
  • Add dehub version to payloads, make binary aware of it
  • Figure out a release system?

Milestone: Prime commits

(Cloning/remote management is probably a pre-requisite of this, so it's a good thing it comes after IPFS support)

  • Ability to specify which commit is prime.
    • The prime commit is essentially the identifier of the entire project; even if two project instances share a commit tree, if they are using a different prime commit then they are not the same project.

Milestone: Minimal plugin support

  • SPEC and implement. Things which should be pluggable, initially:
    • Conditions
    • Signifiers
    • Filters
    • Payloads???

Milestone: Minimal notifications support

  • Some way to store notification settings locally, and run a command which shows a sequence of events since the last time you ran it.
    • The command should keep a history of all of its outputs, and allow the user to see that history (in case they run the command, then clear the output by accident).
    • The user should be able to specifically get notifications on threads they're a part of, threads by branch name pattern, files by path pattern, and keywords in commit messages.

Misc Polish

These tasks aren't necessarily scheduled for any particular milestone, but they are things that could use doing anyway.

  • Config validation. Every interface used by the config should have a Validate() error method, and Config itself should as well.

  • Maybe coalesce the accessctl, fs, and sigcred packages back into the root "dehub" package.

  • Polish commands

    • New flag system, some kind of interactivity support (e.g. user doesn't specify required argument, give them a prompt on the CLI to input it rather than an error). This is partially done, in that a new flag system has been started. Needs further work.

    • Review flags:

      • probably make some of them into positional arguments
      • add flag shortcuts
      • document everything better.
    • POSIX compatible-ish flags?

    • Possibly save state locally in order to speed things along, such as "account id" which probably isn't going to change often for a user.