A simple reverse proxy for use with Hyper and Tokio
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This is a fork

This repo contains a fork of the original hyper-reverse-proxy codebase, adding to it a few improvements:

  • Fix to a bug where the Host header was getting overwritten on the upstream HTTP request.

  • Upgraded hyper version to 1.x (and fixes related to that upgrade)

  • Logging cleanup

Plus more as time goes on.


License docs version

A simple reverse proxy, to be used with Hyper.

The implementation ensures that Hop-by-hop headers are stripped correctly in both directions, and adds the client's IP address to a comma-space-separated list of forwarding addresses in the X-Forwarded-For header.

The implementation is based on Go's httputil.ReverseProxy.


Run the example by cloning this repository and running:

cargo run --example simple

The example will set up a reverse proxy listening on, and will proxy these calls:

  • http://service1.localhost:8000 will be proxied to

  • http://service2.localhost:8000 will be proxied to

  • All other URLs will display request information.